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Kay Walkinshaw

Kay F. Walkinshaw

Certified Instructor, Master Hypnotist
Registered Hypnotic Anaesthesologists
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Weight loss

Lose Weight

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Top Certified Practitioner in Virginia Metro Area!

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The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Achieve peak performance

Anesthesia for medical / dental procedures

Proudly speak in public

Experience pre and post surgery healing

Perfect study habits

Post trauma relief

Gain money success

Manage stress yourself

Bring real permanent change to your life

Accelerate physical healing

Access our home/office self help program

Discomfort free childbirth

Improve sales performance

Sleep soundly every night

Achieve abundance

Release anger/resentment

Experience past life experiences

Anesthesia – Pain, Dental, Medical Procedures

Wipe out performance anxiety

Access life coaching from real professionals

Do away with procrastination

Pain management

Improve performance in professional sports

Weight management

Let go of anger

Stop smoking

Release frustration

Cure fears, phobias, or performance anxiety