• Like a lot of people, I had my issues, yet I wanted to talk about them with someone I felt would not be judgemental about them and me. Kay is that person. She is a beautiful women who is open, honest, and mature. I felt comfortable enough, after just a couple sessions, to actually open up to someone else. The healing I felt, as we explored the issues and she brought her training and tools to bear on them, was exquisite. I honestly feel like a new person now!

    – Mike L, Washington DC

  • December 20, 2002

    When I discovered earlier this year that I was expecting, the last thing I wanted to think about was giving birth. I had had a previous experience with childbirth that had been less than enjoyable. I was nonetheless excited about my new baby, but in the back of my mind was a lingering fear.

    My pregnancy progressed nicely, and somewhere in my second trimester, someone suggested I try hypnosis to ease the pain and discomfort of childbirth. I knew very little of hypnosis, but I was willing to give it a try. As my impending due date got closer, I learned about the Self-Empowerment Education Center and met Kay Walkinshaw. Kay, is a humble, patient, spirit who explained to me that childbirth was a natural phenomenon in a woman’s life, and pain was not natural!

    “You don’t have to feel pain,” she said, which was like a divine revelation for me. “Your birthing muscles work in harmony to deliver your baby,” she said as she guided me through progressive relaxation and self-hypnosis. Through practice I learned how to relax myself, and be in control of my feelings.

    Alas, the day arrived to give birth to my child, and I was not even aware that I was in labour! I felt a lot of pressure, and pushing sensations. At the hospital, the doctors and nurses confirmed that I was in fact in labor, and seemed stunned when I refused pain medication. I felt in control and relaxed as I gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl. She is my miracle baby and proof that childbirth is a natural, pleasant event.

    – Tamara Dickerson

  • July 24, 2002

    RE: Anat’s Birth

    Dear Kay,

    I promised I’ll let you know all the details of Anat’s
    birth, and you may publish them on your website too….

    And now – the story:

    When I was pregnant with my first child, the most important word in my vocabulary was “epidural”. When I reached the hospital and they told me it’s too late to have it, I thought I would die. People who might have died in the hospital that night still owe their lives to my screaming… When I became pregnant with my second child I decided to make the birth a healing experience, and it was – thanks to you, preparing my mind, and to the epi-noballoon, preparing my body (www.epi-no.com). When I first came to you I wasn’t sure a rational control freak like myself could be hypnotized. My husband was even more skeptical, and said I’m wasting my time and our money. After the first session I felt so great – being hypnotized was not at all what I thought. In fact, it’s very similar to what I do best – sleep (hypnos in classical Greek means “sleep”). Leaving your office I felt so refreshed and high spirited, I thought it was worth it even if I end up not using it during birth. Having read the hypnosis book and practiced three times a day, I developed a different attitude and didn’t even think of not succeeding. Practicing in the morning and in the middle of the day gave me more energy and efficiency to work, and practicing at night let me sleep a whole lot better. I needed less hours of sleep, because they were ALL sleep, without the 2 hours of FALLING asleep that I needed before. Anat’s birth was all but what I’d imagined. I did get to the hospital very late, as I did on the first time. I was so relaxed when it was time to leave home, even though I wasn’t in COMPLETE relaxation, that my husband didn’t realize how urgent it was to go. During the ride to the hospital I tried to listen to a relaxation tape, but my walkman batteries died and I was not in a condition to reach to my bag and change them, so I just put classical music and told myself with your voice, your intonation and your accent “you will feel the pressure but you will not feel any pain”. And although I couldn’t reach complete relaxation of the body (the surges came every 2 minutes for more than a minute. I can’t relax in 30 seconds), I only felt pressure. Immense pressure, but not the unbearable pain I felt the first time. In fact, I was so calm that only when we reached DC and the head began descending to the birth canal, making me change my legs’ position every few seconds, my husband realized I was uncomfortable (compare that with my constantly screaming at him on the first time). When we reached the hospital I didn’t want him to desert me in the ER, so we walked together a block and a half from the parking to the ER. From there I refused a wheelchair and walked to labor and delivery. On the way there I felt that I have to pee, and that’s what I asked when we got to labor and delivery. I guess I was so calm compared to other women who come there in the condition I was, that they didn’t realize how close I was. They sent my husband downstairs for paperwork, promising him he wouldn’t miss anything (how they apologized later…) and let me pee before the internal exam. They asked me to do it into a cup. But it didn’t come out. Instead, I felt I had to push. It was almost involuntary. One push and she was crowning (then I called the nurse for the first time), and a second later there she was in the toilet bowl. I slowed her fall down with my hand and she didn’t get hurt in any way, but I couldn’t catch her before, because she was so slippery with vernix. I took her in my hands out of the toilet bowl and walked out, calling the nurse (it was 1 or 2 seconds, but I remember it in slow motion). Immediately the room was packed with about 10 people who have never seen anything like that. When my husband reached the admitting cubicle downstairs they told him mazal tov and go up, you have a baby girl. Anat is wonderful, much calmer than her brother was, maybe because she didn’t hear screams on her way out and maybe because she has a more relaxed mother (with an intact perinneum). I really think learning self hypnosis is an asset for life. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    About my being a control freak–I realized being self-hypnotized during childbrith, is having the most control one can possibly have over birthing!

    – Israeli Embassy

  • Date Unknown


    I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and let you know that after my session with you and Jewels on June 18th, I FOUND my engagement ring two days later! During our session, I was able to shake off the anxiety and guilt over losing the ring and remember so many details about the night I misplaced it. With your help, we saw it in the closet ..one place I hadn’t thoroughly searched because I was convinced it was by the bed or couch or in the bathroom. Sure enough, after our amazing session, I went home and quickly dug through the closet and at first did not find it. After further digging the next day…looking through shoes and pockets, it appeared in a
    small bottle in a drawer in the closet. I have no idea why or how I ended up putting it in there but I was OVERJOYED to say the least to have found it. It had been missing for a month and a half and we had torn most of the house apart. I am sure I could not have found it without your help and our session was the KEY that opened my subconscious. I am truly amazed and I tell everyone I know about my unique and fantastic experience with hypnotism. I should also tell you of an added bonus of our session. I had been wracked with guilt and anxiety over losing the ring but I came away from our session so much more relaxed and at ease over losing the ring. With your help, I was able to “let go” of the guilt. It really eased my mind and I will use the techniques I learned with you in the future to relax and focus.

    You have my deepest gratitude and thanks. I will definitely be passing your name along to others.
    Thanks so very very much.
    Kristen Abbott

    PS, Please feel free to use me as a reference or to use my experience/words with others.
    Diamond Ring FOUND

  • January, 2010

    I consulted Dr. Walkinshaw for social phobia, including intense fear of public speaking, that had stifled many areas of my life. Despite a great deal of previous work my problem continued to dog me for years, and I could not make any headway. In only a few sessions Dr. Walkinshaw was able to lay out the family dynamics that created the problem in ways I had never realized before. She also provided me with effective tools for dealing with each part of my problem. Dr. Walkinshaw is a natural healer who is extremely knowledgeable and empathic, and I only wish I had found her sooner.

    TG, Maryland